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Unified Internet of Knowledge| Article by FutureNews|@Compose_future

Unified Internet of Knowledge

The 256 bit unified processor and memory system will turn world computer architecture and the Internet upside down in the year 2022.

For the first time in human history, one logical computer will be able to directly address every bit and byte of memory and every device on the Internet. In effect, it will gain direct access to all stored human knowledge.

One major benefit is the lack of duplication required - every computer operating system, every software version, every video, every piece of music, every web site, and bit of information about the world and it's inhabitants is there. No need to distribute videos or music anymore - carefully positioned local cache's across the world will provide enough resilience and high speed access to all information anywhere.

Machine to machine communication will be direct. The 128 bit addresses of IPv6, which allow 4.81028 individual addresses on the Internet, would be a very small subset of the 256 bit address space. Not only would individual devices be online as now, but it will be possible to map device memory and address that directly - in effect writing content directly to a TV screen, an MP3 player, your watch, and maybe even your brain.

With direct access also comes the ability to promote knowledge - medical history, geo data, dietary consumption, personal addictions, communications, and much more can be cross referenced, correlated, and eventually understood. The addressing scheme easily allows storage and access to every human beings genome for example, in both raw and encoded formats.

Having every bit of information in the world allows direct access to whole new universes of knowledge, along with equally massive security concerns. However, we have 10 years to design an architecture that will provide such massive potential pooling of knowledge and removal of duplication that we can afford to spend the resource to ensure it is much more secure than the existing Internet, with it's clouds of "bots" and counter-counter cyber terrorists.

In terms of communications and entertainment, mapping together the video and audio inputs and outputs would allow for example mass video conferences and broadcasts. Millions of people can't speak at the same time, but all can watch an election candidate for example and interact in real time.

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Interesting! "The Internet of Things" becomes "The Internet Of Every Thing"

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